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Dating has changed for everyone

How many times have you been in an awkward dating situation, and wondered if you could turn things around by doing something differently?

The Dating Coach keeps you from repeating the same pitfalls of the past. She teaches you how to be assertive in dating. This not only improves your immediate dating skills, increases your hope, and boosts your confidence -- it also helps you better understand what you're looking for and how how to achieve it. 

If you're single, in your 40's or 50's, and coming out of a relationship that lasted many years, you may wonder if this is the same world it was when you were dating in your 20's.


If you're in your 30's, and have been dating on and off for a while, you must have noticed how difficult this game has become in the last few years.


And if you're in your 20's, perhaps you date by new roles, but are you aware of any dating rules?

To succeed in today's dating you must first understand what has changed over the years, and become aware of how you feel towards these changes, because they affect most of your dating choices, as well as your behaviour while dating. 


For Personal Coaching with Irene
Choose from the following options:
  • In office consultation $200/H
  • Skype consultation $100/H
  • Phone consultation $100/H
In office consultation 
Phone or Skype Personal Consultation

The Dating Coach offers advice that works. She provides you with genuine and reliable answers to all your questions on dating, such as:

  • How to tell if he/she is interested

  • How to tell if you're not wasting your time

  • Where to meet a great guy/girl

  • How to tell if it's the right one

  • How to approach women without fear

  • How to get the guy you want

  • Dating do's and don'ts


What can a Dating Coach do for you?

She will help you identify what you're doing that doesn't work and learn effective ways that will bring the results you want; she will help you define your relationship goals, and understand where and how to find potential mates; she will train you for the new dating scene so you become more successful in attracting the opposite sex.

Who can use a Dating Coach?

  • People who are tired of dating endlessly and aimlessly and are looking for a meaningful relationship at this stage in their life.

  • People who date a lot but but despite their desire, never get to the next stage of a relationship.

  • People who feel shy or insecure.

  • People who haven’t dated for a long time (for example, after a long marriage), and need to learn skills to be adept at the new dating scene.

  • People with temporary and specific  challenges (for example, dating when having young kids, dating when you’re caring for an old parent at your home, etc.).

  • Anyone who wants to be updated on the current dating trends, and especially on the meaning of gender roles today 

  • Anyone who wants to improve their life and stop worrying about finding a mate


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