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Kindly take a minute or two to answer these questions for a survey that looks into singles’ dating behaviour.
Please note we do not ask for your name or email address, only for your gender, age, and country.
Your complete privacy is guaranteed by The Single Option.
What does the word dating mean to you? 
Please choose only one answer, the one that comes closest to your pattern of dating
  1. Exclusivity with commitment from start to end, as in a series of monogamous dates (with one person), leading to a long term relationship. You only date one person at a time, and give them your full attention with the hope of getting to know them and finding out if this could turn into a lasting relationship.
  2. Exclusivity but no commitment. A series of monogamous dates (with one person), with romantic intent but not aimed at a long term relationship. Dating one person “as long as things work”
  3. Variety, as in going out socially with a number of people of the opposite gender, often simultaneously, having fun, but with no commitment. Hopefully one of these people might show relationship potential and you may choose to start dating romantically.
  4. Variety as in going out with people of the opposite gender, with a romantic intent, but no exclusivity, trying to get to know them better so you are able to identify the one among them with whom you would like to go out exclusively
  5. Friends first. Going out socially with various people of the opposite gender, and seeing one or two more regularly with the goal of getting to know them better. Hopefully one good friendship will turn into romance and a serious relationship.
  6. Having a good time going out on social dates, no romantic intentions. Whatever happens -- happens, and if nothing happens, at least you had fun enjoying the dates.
  7. Going out with several people of the opposite gender, while having romantic hopes about more than one of them because you never know, if it doesn't work with one, it may work with the other.
Your gender, age, and country:
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