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UpGRADING your on-line dating profile

to get the results you want

Do you feel ignored on dating web sites? Are you sending messages and not getting enough responses? 

I know you have had your share of disappointment and frustration with online dating, and maybe you have even pulled your profile off a dating web site once or twice... Or your profile may be on a few dating web sites but you’re not there, and honestly, you’ve given up on finding a mate using the Internet. 


If you don't get the results you want from Internet dating, it's because your profile doesn't get enough attention, or the right attention. The reason for that is simple, and I will explain how to rectify the situation as you read on.


The advantages of Internet Dating can easily turn into disadvantages if you don’t use the on-line dating services cleverly. The most important tool you have, which is also in your complete control, is your profile. If you show less than a great profile, you set yourself for failure right from the start.

Let's be honest, people will always approach you or respond to you approaching them based on their perception of your profile. Your profile is a creation of you, and is perceived in a certain way, despite what you think about yourself. In other words, your profile and pictures are an introduction of yourself, and people are either attracted to getting to know you or they will simply ignore you. 



So the big question is how to be attractive to the opposite gender when dating online? How to present yourself in the best possible way?

​There is a lot of competition for attention on dating web sites, and you must be noticed by someone at first glance!


It seems like a big challenge, yet, the answer is so simple! There are some elements (you may call them secrets) that need to be revealed in your online dating profile for it to stand out and get the attention you want from viewers. Some details should never be on a person’s online profile, while others could greatly benefit it. 


Did you know that by changing your profile information and preferences you could actually attract more positive responses, and get closer to finding that special person?


When I look at your profile, I see the message that your profile sends out to viewers and potential dates. 

I am a dating coach, but also an Image Consultant, and I find these two areas often overlapping, especially when it comes to singles looking for a mate, and more so when it comes to online dating, where your image is encapsulated in a few paragraphs on your profile. Assisting you with your online dating profile will also greatly contribute to your own image management in real life dating, and in other areas in your life. You will become aware which of your qualities you want to nurture and demonstrate, and which ones you will prefer to improve.


Think about your profile as yourself in a nutshell. Wouldn’t you want to make sure you include just the information that is helping you attract people, and avoid the information that chases away people to other profiles?


I can help you attract not only more replies, but also more replies from people you may actually like!


Book your profile upgrade today, improve your online dating profile, and start making more connections, hopefully finding someone special to share your life with.

  1. You pay for the service here, and fill out the questionnaire here

  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email asking for:

    • the text of your current online dating profile and pictures.

    • a link to an online photo album where we can view photos of you to consider for inclusion in your profile. (Your idea of a “great picture” of yourself may actually work against you.) I’ll look through your photos and help you choose the ones that send the right message. In some cases, I may suggest having a new photo taken and I can refer you to some photographers I work with.

    • Optional but very useful: a copy of the full profile, as appearing on the web site. You can do this by simply copying and pasting this information from the website into a word document.

  3. After a few days I will send your new profile consisting of two paragraphs – one about you and one about your match. So in less than a week, you could showcase a dating profile that stands out in a crowd, for all the right reasons! Your new profile will make you appear unique and attractive to other viewers. ​

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