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Irene Yarkoni, Dating Coach


The dating world has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and is still  changing today. Many single people are not sure anymore how to find love, and what really works in today's dating scene.  They hesitate to take action because they are afraid to make a mistake.


There are several challenges in dating that most singles will face at one point or another while looking for a romantic partner, some of which are: where to meet other singles, how to connect with someone they find attractive, how to make the first move, how to flirt, and how to create attraction for the opposite gender.


Dating is just the means to find love and be in a stable and happy relationship. And while dating skills are important, as are all communication skills -- if you’re aspiring to build a meaningful long term relationship, you need to learn the “relationship language”. This language takes in account our authentic self, our needs from the relationship, what we’re looking for in a partner, and what we bring to the relationship, among other components.


Irene is dedicated to help singles gain more clarity and confidence for today's confusing dating world. She prepares singles to date effectively yet authentically, focusing on goals, yet enjoying the process.   


Irene has been working with singles for over 20 years. In the course of her work she has met thousands of singles in her seminars and workshops; she has held one-on-one coaching sessions with hundreds of individuals who were struggling with a range of dating and relationships issues; and she has personally introduced, through her Spin Dating TM, many couples who have gone on to stable long-term relationships and marriages. She knows first-hand how difficult dating has become in the last few years, and she would love to help you too in your quest to find lasting love. 

Irene offers dating workshops, dating seminars, online courses, and one on one coaching as well as help with your online dating profile. To get started with one of the programs that best suits you please check the following options.

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