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Spin DatingTM - Best News in Dating

Meet eight potential dates in two hours


If you hate the bar scene and did not have much luck on online dating sites, but are eager to find someone special, this may be just the right thing for you!

Watch what happens after The Single Option's Spin DatingTM

 Become a member of Spin-DatingTM  for only $39  This is a one time fee. You will be paying separately for the spin-datingTM events of your choice.

Please fill out the Questionnaire

The Single Option™ brought Spin Dating™ to Canada in 1999.


Based on its unique concept it has constantly been attracting quality singles who are looking for quality mates.

If quality is important in your life you should definitely try Spin Dating™.  Read feedback from people who participated in spins, some now in happy relationships.


How it works: 

In one fun filled evening you meet eight quality, professional, eligible single men and women in your age group, for  eight minute conversations with each other. Yes, eight dates in two hours!

At the end of the session you confidentially select those you'd like to see again, and the next day you’re informed of your matches, i.e. those who also wanted to meet you!


Instructions to participate at a Spin-DatingTM event:

1. Fill out the questionnaire 
2. Sign up as a member of Spin-DatingTM 

3. Get a list of the upcoming Spin Dating™ events 
4. Reserve for the event of your choice
5. Upon our confirmation make the payment for that event
6. You then get your Spin Dating™ event information including location 
7. On the assigned date you come to the location and enjoy meeting the eight dates selected for you!

Eight minutes per introduction may sound fast,
but it is a known fact that you can feel attracted to 
someone within the first 30 seconds you meet them!

Why is The Single Option's Spin-DatingTM so popular?

Because of ten great reasons!


  •  Spin Dating™ is fun dating – an amazing evening full of positive energy and exciting encounters with new people. 

  •  Spin Dating™ is easy dating – we do the introductions for you and we take care of all the details up to the contact information of the people you had a match with, which is given to you the next day!

  •  Spin Dating™ is quality dating, based on questionnaires that every one has to fill in, allowing us to group together people with similar backgrounds, interests and goals.

  •  Spin Dating™ is focused dating – you personally meet eight people in two hours, using your time in the most practical and efficient way.

  •  Spin Dating™ is thoughtful dating – you select a person based on what you see, hear, feel and think.

  •  Spin Dating™ is secure dating – you’re only known to the other participants by your first name. The amount of information you choose to disclose is entirely up to you.

  •  Spin Dating™ is gentle dating – limited, set ahead time for each conversation enables you to disengage and move on to the next conversation without hurting anyone’s feelings. Spin is the name of the game, and that’s what you do!

  •  Spin Dating™ is dignified dating – you confidentially select those people you would like to see again, leaving home with a smile on your face (no rejection!).

  •  Spin Dating™ is successful dating – if you have a match you know the other person has also selected you. This sets your first few dates on positive tracks to a successful dating experience.

  •  Spin Dating™ is cost effective – probably the most reasonably priced introduction service in the market!




It's fun, it's easy, and it works!

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