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Are you currently:

  1. Dating in person or online?

  2. Taking a break from dating. When did you last go out on a date?

  3. Planning to start dating sometime soon?

  4. Thinking that dating is not for you?



Which of these are you using the most often to meet someone?

  1. A dating site – which?

  2. A dating app – which?

  3. FB

  4. Other social media – which?

  5. Singles events

  6. Meetup events

  7. Friends and family

  8. Personal Introductions service

  9. I haven’t yet decided where to start

Your gender:

Your age:




All information will be kept strictly confidential.


Thank you very much for filling out the survey. You're welcome to request a 15 min. free online dating consultation after completing the survey.

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