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Dating requires looking your best. Why not make some refreshing change in your image?:)

Whether you want to feel attractive on a date 

or make the right impression at a business meeting,

or simply feel great about yourself,

self-image is key to your goal.


As a dating coach and an image consultant I see a clear link

between people's self-perception and their capability to attract partners.

The dating world has changed dramatically, but some aspects of it,

although often ignored in our dating culture, have a huge impact

on our prospects to meet the right person.

I offer image workshops as well as individual consultations

to understand that link and help you connect more effectively

with the opposite gender, hopefully to find that special someone!

Join a Workshop

take a personal consultation


Come visit me

@ the Women's Show

Booth 533

Print this coupon and save $3.

Sunday 1:30 pm:

"The seven must haves

in every woman’s wardrobe,

and how to wear them in style"

Wear your favourite attire and 

come show it to us at Booth 533.

You might be added to our 

Street Smart Page!

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