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The Single Option brought Spin Dating™ to Canada in 1999. Based on its unique concept it has constantly been attracting quality singles who are looking for quality mates. If quality is important in your life you should definitely try Spin Dating™.  Read below feedback from people who participated in spins, many now in happy relationships.


Spin Dating at Nepean Sailing Club

Spin Dating at a local cafe

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Improve your online dating profile
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April 24, 2019

7 - 8 pm

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For many single people the dating scene has become very confusing. Irene helps singles gain clarity and confidence in today’s challenging dating world. She prepares singles to go out on dates equipped with a positive frame of mind, new dating skills, and optimism that they can meet someone special, create an authentic connection, and find lasting love.

Irene Yarkoni 
Dating Coach
& Image Consultant


I can help!
I've been working as a dating coach
for over twenty years now. I know
how challenging the dating scene
has become, and how difficult it is 
for people in all age groups to find sustainable love. I offer a variety of services. Choose the one that best suits you, or email me for more information.
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Despite all the progress in technology and the multitude of options offered to singles to meet other singles, it is getting more and more difficult to connect with the opposite gender.  
A Dating Seminar offering information on what does work in dating, and how to find love, will take place on February 11th 2018, as the keynote address at the Red Hot February Party. 
Don't miss this chance to learn more on what you can do to meet that special someone!
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 This survey aims at understanding current dating behaviour.

Hi, Irene

I really enjoyed the one spin I've been to (30-40). In fact, I am still dating, steadily, one of the women I met through that spin. I am very happy to keep you updated, and have recommended your spins to quite a few people now.



Hi Irene, I was totally impressed at the quality of the men that came to the spin. I might have been inclined to put more than 5 names ;)

Thank you, Aline 








Hi Irene, 

In the fall of 2004 I attended my first (and only) singles' event with your organization....actually my first and only singles' event ever! I remember phoning you on the day of the event to cancel my reservation, partly because I was getting over a bad cold and partly because I was not really interested in attending a singles' event...

I ended up attending only because you convinced me that it would be fun and that I would not regret it....and you were right! The event was in November 2004, at the Nepean Sailing Club and I met someone that evening that I will be marrying on September 23, 2006. I thought it would be nice for you to know that your singles' event resulted in an amazing relationship leading to a marriage we are both very much excited about. 
I'm sure we'll think of you on our (quickly approaching) wedding day.





Irene, I am thrilled to have the phone numbers of these three wonderful women. It is also such an ice breaker and a confidence builder to know they wanted my number as well.Thank you so much for the great job



Thanks so much, Irene.

That is amazing that I had all four matching! I was feeling rather anxious yesterday and even worried that I would have no matches.

This is a wonderful service and I am spreading the word among my many single friends.

Thanks again, Irene.



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